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Bali By Design has integrate the style and building materials of Bali with western technology and design to create a unique home, basically melding the two cultures. People are always trying to find something new and different, they want a classical home that is timeless.
Mr Jackson said that "Bali By Design has designed and displayed a Bali style home to suit Perth's environment. The typical open pavilion-style homes were not practical for Perth yet the basic design principals were." Standard design features would include high ceilings, timber floors and window frames, timber decking with ponds and a return to wide eaves.Bali By Design will also take care of the interior decorating and landscaping design for an overall Bali experience. Mr Jackson said that "prices were comparable because labour and materials were not expensive in bali. He is currently designing for clients who are very exited to have a Bali style home."
Bali By Design is building renovations and extensions as well. For example, the company can design and build an authentic Bali style cabana if that was all you were after.

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